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Hello, darlings. I am Arthur Kirkland also known as England. I'm here to answer your questions! Here's a secret.. I like to drink tea and read books.. And.. I'm currently single.

Alfred was the one that helped me make this blog, he suggested my URL to be named ask-artiemcfartybrows. I don't think so.

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Hey there, my name is Sarah! And I'm from Canada, I am 19 years old and this is my ask England blog. So ask away!))
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((I believe I shall cosplay today, it would be wonderful if you sent me questions. If I don’t cosplay today, I will cosplay tomorrow. I’ve just been busy for the last while, and it’s been such a long time sense I’ve done this. So send your questions my way! :DD))


larrygay said to cyrilliart: harry in 4? :)



hispanic parents have a sixth sense

#i cant stop watching this vine it’s so well done it deserves an oscar


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cosplay perils
me: *just fucking smears the hotglue on with bare fingers*
me: fire cannot hurt a dragon
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Went overboard with a request, AGAIN. I just enjoy it too much. Either way good practice, tried a bunch of new stuff with this one.

Spideypool- Deadpool ripping Spider-mans costume around the belly just so he could kiss his hips and tummy all cute x3”

Ah, whoops. Not very “cute” unless you count Petey’s face?

Also I think I might be opening commissions soon, money’s been kind of tight.

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wow this is fucking historic as fuck i can’t believe im seeing this

fucking love

"Okay, we’ve been serious for 10 seconds guys"

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Random Demon: Your threats mean nothing.
Sam: Oh really?
Dean: :pours holy water on the demon from flask:
Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
Sam: How 'bout now?
Random Demon: Bite me.
Sam: :sneers:
Sam: have it your way...
Sam: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus-
Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
Sam: Oh shit sorry Dean!
Sam: Oh my god
Sam: I'm so sorry
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I want to ten billion amazing things and get my life figured out and change the world but I’m literally just